Manipulation on the SchoolCento system


Manipulation on the SchoolCento system

After login the system, at the dashboard, you can:

  1.  View class schedule information and participate in class.

2. Join online classes

You can join online classes directly from your schedules by clicking on the class and choose “join class” (button circled in red)

3. Practicing homework 

The incomplete homeworks will be displayed at the “ACTIVE ASSIGNMENTS”. The essay exercises will be moved to the “NOT GRADED ASSIGNMENTS” if they are completed by the student, then the completed exercises will be rated automatically and moved to the “SUBMITTED ASSIGNMENTS”. Finally, the overdue assignments will be displayed at “PAST DUE ASSIGNMENTS”.

For exercises with automatically scoring: sentence matching, filling in words, multiple-choice… you have a maximum of two answers. The first time if the answer is wrong, you will be notified to try again, the second time if it is still wrong, the system will report the error and you will not be able to do it again. After completing all exercises, click “Submit” to have your scores recorded in the system.

Instructions on how to do typical exercises for students:

Multiple choice question with 1 answer: tick the correct answer and click “Submit”

Multiple-answer questions: tick the correct answers and click “Submit”

Matching questions: tick the answers in column A and tick the corresponding correct answers in the column and click “Submit”. Matched answers have the same color. You can tick the answer again to deselect.

Fill in the blank question: drag their answers from the answer column and drop them into the corresponding blanks in the question, then click “Submit”

For essay questions, attach:

Write essays in the text input field on the right. You can format arbitrary text according to the basic formats of Word. Once completed, click “Submit”

For attached questions: upload answers for this type of exercise by dragging and dropping the file or clicking on the icon to upload. SchoolCento currently supports file formats such as jpg, docx, ppt, pdf…

4. Follow up on Report

You can see your score and skill right on this page.

5. Subscribe class

To register to participate in the class, please click “SUBSCRIBE CLASS” and enter the Class code.

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