Inviting students to the class


Inviting students to the class

Option 1: join a class with the Link sent by the teacher

Step 1: Click “Add Class” to create an online classroom. Then, you will see Classroom Name, Room ID and Passcode. You can change the classroom name according to the name of the subject/grammar…, and can change the passcode, but the room ID is permanent. After changing, click “Copy Invite” 

Step 2: Send to students, so that they can get in:

Step 3: Students access the link they receive, enter their name and passcode to join their classes

Option 2: access the class from the Student Homepage.

At the website, students click “Using class code/Room ID”, then enter the session ID to join the class.

Option 3: join a class with the student account

Step 1: Create an online class schedule by clicking on “Is this session an online session”:

Step 2: After creating a class, students can see it when they sign in at “Dashboard”. Now, they just click on the class to go to their classroom.

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