Interaction tools in an online class


Interaction tools in an online class

SchoolCenton is not only an online class within audiovisual tools, but it is also a real online class with various tools that help teachers as great assistants to deploy an effective and highly interactive lesson. The followings are descriptions of an online classroom:

  1. Download teaching materials: 

Step 1: Click “Upload presentation”

Step 2: Download materials that you want to use. SchoolCento accepts all kinds of popular files used in teaching such as ppt, doc, pdf, jpeg… The files will be changed to pdf for teaching after they are downloaded.

Tips: Teachers can cancel the preventing button (the button is crossed out to the left of the trash can icon) to let students download the materials

2. Choose a student to interact

You can have a student interact on the board by left-clicking on the student’s name, then selecting “Give permission to access the whiteboard”.

At this time, only the student who is selected can interact with the board.

3. Let many students interact

When you want the whole class to interact on the board, following these operations: in the right corner of the classroom window screen, if you turn on the “multi-user whiteboard” mode, all students can work on the file you just uploaded. When the student needs to stop the operation, please repeat the above operation to turn it off.

4. Select a student randomly

You can choose a student randomly to do exercises/speak by clicking “Random user” at the left corner of the screen. After selecting, there will be a pop up with the student name randomly selected.

5. Recognize when students raise their hand to speak

To recognize when students raise their hands, please follow the operations below:

Setting up the mode by going to “Setting => You can select someone randomly when they raise their hand with two types of notifications: Audio Alerts or Popup Alerts or both or selecting “on” “of”.

After setting the mode, you can hear the sound and pop up when students raise their hands in the left corner of the teaching screen.

6. Divide the group into activities

Step 1: Click “Create group”

Step 2: Divide students into groups according to the number and time of their choice and click “Create”

7. View student activity reports in class

You can see the level of interaction and participation of students with specific parameters of: class time, number of hands raised, speech, texting, online… by selecting the “Learning dashboard” feature.

8. Share Youtube video:

Step 1: Click “Share video”

Step 2: Copy and paste URL of the video you want to share

9. Survey or do fast multiple-choice in the class

Step 1: Click “Create poll”

Step 2: Create poll with the content you want 

10. Share common notes:

Teachers and students can write common notes by clicking “Notes” and operating. Teachers can choose the “Download” icon at the top right corner of the note to download common notes as PDF, Word,… 

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