Creating class schedule and taking attendance

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Creating class schedule and taking attendance

Option 1: User manual on Website 

Step 1: After login, choose “Calendar”

Step 2: Click “+”

Step 3: Fill in the information of the schedule you want to create, then save.

Step 4: Select a schedule, take attendance, give comments, then click save.

Step 5: Parents will see the notifications on the app.

Option 2: User manual on App

Step 1: After login, open “Calendar”

Step 2: Click “Add Session” to create 

Step 3: Click” Select class”, fill in the “Lesson Topic” and “Select Students” 

Step 4: After successfully creating and completing the class, take attendance by clicking on your class on Calendar.

Step 5: Take attendance, click “Notification” if you want to send a notice of attendance/leave to parents.