Control class rules


Control class rules

  1. Manage students during teaching process

Some choices in “lock viewers” section will help you to simplify management during teaching, for example:

  • Prevent students from public chat (“send public chat messages”)
  • Prevent students from private chat (“send private chat messages”)
  • Prevent students from editing notes (“edit shared notes”)

2. Manage Notifications

You can choose someone randomly when they chat, join or raise their hands with two types of notifications: Audio Alerts or Popup Alerts or both or selecting “on” “of”.

3. Visitor Policy

Three policy options for visitors:

  • Ask moderators: Teacher consent is required for students to participate in class.
  • Always accepting: Any student can enter the class with the access link and password.
  • Always refusing: refusing student to access the class

To set up the modes, teachers follow these steps below:

Step 1: Click on the gear icon and select “Visitor Policy”.

Step 2: Set up the choices according to the wishes of the teacher.

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