Basic settings


Basic settings

  1. You can select the cog gear shape in your online class to see the basic features, including:
  1. Clear all status icons: to clear students’ status
  2. Mute all users: mute all attendees
  3. Mute all users except presenter: only teachers can speak
  4. Save user names: save the list of attendees (for large classes, teachers can save them for later attendance)
  5. Lock viewers: click, teachers can have options such as not allowing students to chat privately… very useful
  6. Guest policy: click to set how students participate in class (always give, always ask the teacher or don’t give)

2. The feature of checking the connection of teachers and students

At the left corner of the screen, there is icon wifi displaying the teachers’ available Network Access speed. When they click on it, they can see students’ wifi speed and quality to control class quality more easily.

3. Other adjustments in the classroom

The advanced settings can be found easily at the 3 dot icon at the right corner of the screen. It includes:

  • Full screen setting: Extend the class screen to obscure the taskbar and browser.
  • Class setting: application settings such as language; notifications: raise hand, user join, message; enable webcam, screen sharing….
  • Help: using SchoolCento online class instructions
  • Shortcuts: a list of shortcuts for teachers’ convenience in classroom manipulation.
  • End: the end of the ongoing class.

4. Open Camera/Microphone

Teachers and students can set up through the buttons below the teaching screen, specifically as follows:

  • Turn on your mic: when teachers/students want to turn on Microphone to talk
  • Change/mute the sound: change the default sound and microphone settings or turn off the sound mode.
  • Share Camera: turn on camera 

5. Set up the display interface for the classroom

Step 1: Choose Setting => Application

Layout dropdown

Step 2: Choose the interface you want to apply for your class: 

  • Legacy: the webcam display window will be kept fixed above the teaching screen.
  • Custom: Allows to move the webcam window around the teaching screen.
  • Focus on presentation: webcam window displayed below the general chat/note window, the entire area of ​​the teaching screen for the presentation.
  • Focus on video: similar but focus on the webcam window.

Step 3: Choose “Push layout to everyone” to apply the interface for the whole class

Pushing layout

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