Joining an online class with “online learning code”

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Joining an online class with “online learning code”

Step 1: Access website: Schoolcento Communication ™ – Login

Step 2: At “Using Class code/Room ID”, enter the Session ID and press Enter.

Click “Using Class Code/Room ID”

If students/parents can not join the classes with the links sent by teachers, please check your using devices or the quality of your Network Access according to the following instructions: 

  1. Supporting browsers such as Chrome, Chrome Mobile, Firefox, Safari, Safari Mobile, Microsoft Edge, Android Tablets, IOS Tablets.
  2. Browser and bandwidth requirements:

Browsers should be used:

On Desktop/laptop: Chrome

On Mobile IOS (12.2+): Safari

On Mobile Android (6.0+): Chrome


For teachers: at least 1Mbps upstream and 1Mbps downstream

For students: at least 0.5Mbps upstream and 1Mbps downstream

Technical factors to note: 

  • Coc Coc Browser is not currently supported
  • On Ipad or Iphone, it is recommended to use Safari browser, not Chrome. Macbook is not affected 
  • When learners have the link, they should copy and paste the link into the search box of the browser, do not click on the link from app chat (Zalo, Facebook,…) directly because those apps may block the link from opening.